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IMS House is a manufacturer of modular buildings for private individuals and business. We produce modular residential buildings - modular houses, houses up to 35m2 (without a building permit), summer houses, garages, as well as facilities dedicated to hotel services and modern buildings for the service and trade market, such as modular offices, pop-up stores, showrooms, points of sale, restaurants or event modules.


We have many years of experience in the construction and finishing industry, which has allowed us to develop innovative technology for the construction of our buildings. We are constantly following trends in the construction industry and are still developing. We believe that prefabricated modules are the future of construction. Thanks to modular solutions and prefabricated form, the time of construction of such buildings can be reduced by up to 80%. An additional asset is the easy development of buildings in the future and even the possibility of their relocation.


MS House buildings are constructed in the form of finished modules in the factory hall and then transported to the destination where they are assembled . Fully equipped buildings are a high quality product of permanent or temporary residence. They are characterised by excellent thermal parameters and low energy demand, which is reflected (depending on the thickness of the insulating core) in the categories of energy-effcient or passive buildings.


We focus on the highest quality raw materials, precision of workmanship and durability of our homes. The use of our own employees allows us to limit the involvement of subcontractors, and thus exercise greater control over the production process.  Our qualified staff makes sure that each stage of production takes place efficiently and in accordance with the specified standards  – from design, through construction, to finishing, transport and assembly. Each building we produce is refined 100% - it is subject to quality control both before leaving the production hall and after installation at the destination.


Thanks to modern form and large glazing, IMS House buildings stand out from other buildings produced in a similar form. Patent protected materials are used in modern structural panel technology, creating one modern construction and insulation material.


The experience gained so far has allowed us to develop unique solutions that are tailored to individual customer needs.


We invite you to the meeting in order to get to know the details of our offer and to see the show houses.


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