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Price: from 74 690 PLN
Availability: 3 months
Area: 35 m2
Finishing: unfinished state/ building shell/ shell units

A MODERN BARN model in the base of the house up to 35m2 with the mezzanine makes it possible to obtain much more usable area. It is an ideal solution for people who place emphasis on space and comfort. Apart from the lower floor with a spacious living room, a kitchenette, and a fully functional bathroom, we will also find a beautiful bedroom on the mezzanine. Large glazing through both floors makes the house well lit and allows you to enjoy the views of surrounding nature. In this model, it is possible to build a full floor, which allows you to use the maximum area of up to 60 m2 of usable area.

MODERN BARN houses are delivered in 4 modules:
- modules with a width of 3.2 m - HDS self-loading transport


Dimensions: 5,44 x 6,39 [m]
Standard height: 5,00 [m]
or 6,00 [m]

Built-up area: 34,76 m2

Usable area: about 43,00 m2

Living room with kitchenette: about 22,00 m2

Mezzaine: about 15,30 m2

Bathroom: about 5,50 m2





MODERN BARN house H-5,00 m 82 190 PLN 152 390 PLN 198 390 PLN
MODERN BARN house H-6,00 m 94 490 PLN 174 190 PLN 218 890 PLN
Construction of walls, roof and floor + insulation
Windows and doors  
Wooden or other façade  
Water and sewage system     
WC pre-wall installation system, shower tray    
Electrical installation, switchgear    

Walls, pre-walls and ceiling in the cardboard and plaster system (all installations hidden).

Optionally, finishing in a white furniture board for an extra charge. 

Technical data

Many years of experience in the construction industry allowed us to develop innovative technology for our buildings.



The structure of modules is made of C24 wood, which guarantees excellent durability. We use selected spruce wood from a reliable, long-term supplier.

The walls of modules are made in the technology of insulating structural panels. The role of two external layers is played by boards with an appropriate level of rigidity and resistance (most often MFP, OSB3), while the insulating core is usually made of polystyrene or PUR foam. Combined materials form a resistant, very strong wall of the constructed building.


We offer double- and triple-glazed windows and doors in PVC or aluminum profiles. It is also possible to make wooden joinery (under an individual order).



The facade can be made of the following elements:

- natural spruce, larch or exotic wood protected by wood-protective coating in several color shades.

- facade sheet in a shade from the manufacturer's palette.

- fibre cement board (compressed concrete with cellulose fibre blend).


The roof consists of a wooden structure and 15 cm thick mineral wool insulation. Depending on the model and customer preferences, we use seam sheet, steel tile, membrane or PVC membrane roofing.



Each transport is determined individually, depending on the selected building model and the possibility of driving the truck and the crane to the destination.