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Transport and service



Our buildings are produced in the form of finished modules in a modern company hall. 

The modules prepared and secured for transport are delivered throughout Poland and Europe by a specialized transport company. Loading takes place with the use of a crane, then we carry out transport to the final destination. We carry out unloading on the previously prepared land, where then, depending on the model, the modules are assembled and connected to utilities.


Each transport is determined individually, depending on the selected building model and the possibility of driving the truck and the crane to the destination.


  1. HDS transport – a self-loading truck with a crane and a trailer, which allows to transport 1 or 2 modules with the maximum dimensions of 6 x 3 m and the maximum external height of the house of 3.20 m - e.g. Mini, Large, Forest, L1 house (assembly takes place on site).


  1. Low-loading transport – the maximum external height of the module is 3.50 m, the maximum length is 14 m, the maximum width is 3.20 m. Transport requires a crane at the unloading location, e.g. MINI BARN VIEW house (2 modules 5.4 x 3 m H3.20).


  1. Low-loading chassis/oversized transport – escorted transport, with pilot, without the need for on-site assembly. All buildings over 3.20 m wide, the maximum module width is 4.5 m, the maximum height is 4 m. Transport requires a crane at the unloading location, e.g. SIMPLE house (4 x 8 m).


On-site assembly of modules depends on the selected model and the finishing standard and may take from several hours to several days. It takes place in a previously prepared place according to the IMS HOUSE project (including the project of water and sewage system drainage under the house), e.g. on peripheral foundation, foundation points, screwed foundations, foundation slabs or otherwise hardened ground (e.g. paving slabs).


During the assembly, the modules are precisely levelled and connected with each other using special fittings, installation of flashings and supplementing the missing elements of the facade and roof. As part of additional services, it is possible to connect the house to the supplied electrical installation, as well as water and sewage system.