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Office modules

Running a stationary business does not necessarily entail high costs related to the construction, adaptation or renovation of the premises, as well as high rental costs.

Our modular buildings are an excellent solution for modular offices, pop-up stores, showrooms, points of sale, as well as restaurant and event points. They can also be used in the hotel industry, where standalone houses are becoming increasingly popular.

IMS House buildings are characterized by modern design, which can be personalized for your business. We offer a wide range of interior design options according to customer preferences and business specificities. High workmanship, modern design and high quality will allow you to use the building for a long time.

Modular buildings with hybrid sandwich panels are built within a few weeks. Short execution time from the project to the completion of the order, with delivery of the module to the destination, guarantees a quick start of the stationary business.

The possibility to modify the building by adding new segments or transforming existing ones allows the business to grow. On the other hand, the possibility of multiple assembly and disassembly is an excellent solution for seasonal buildings, and also allows you to change location.